Meet the Staff

  • Kathleen
    Office Manager

    You will see Kathleen as soon as you walk through the door of Chesapeake Wellness Center. She greets you with a smile and a friendly face.Kathleen first came to Chesapeake Wellness Center on March 12, 2004. She was suffering from painful sciatica and had seen an ad in the paper for Dr. Mark. The date is significant because she had taken her husband to the ER that morning for a heart attack. As they wheeled him into surgery she knew she had to keep her appointment with Dr. Mark so that she would be able to take care of her husband. Happy Ending - husband Bill is doing great and Kathleen has been working for Dr. Mark ever since.

    Kathleen has seen many changes over the years. The office went from 3 separated rooms into its large open area that allows Dr. Mark to see how his patients are doing in all phases of their treatment. CWC has transitioned into the electronic age from the paper age by qualifying for Electronic Health Records and they have embraced the Social Media with their up-to-date Website and Facebook site. One of the most significant changes that Kathleen has seen has been Dr. Mark himself! He, along with his wife, have lost almost 200 lbs through diet and exercise. Because of this, Dr. Mark has incorporated this healthy lifestyle into a weight loss program and is helping many of his patients realize their own weight loss goals.

    One of the things Kathleen is always saying is how she loves her job and it is all because of the patients. Over the years they have become like family. Kathleen's own family is spread across the country with 2 of her sons in the Navy. She misses her 3 grandchildren so don't be surprised if she loves on your children when they come in. Her youngest son is still at home and he enjoys the benefits of chiropractic care along with his Dad. It is truly a wonderful way to keep healthy and it is for Life.

  • Angel
    Massage Therapist

    I graduated from Advanced Fuller School of Massage Dec ’07. I have been both State and Nationally Certified since May ’08.

    I know first hand the therapeutic healing that happens when you receive massage.  Since I am also a client of massage, I know what moves and techniques not only feel good but work out the problems.

    I use various techniques to bring relief. Each person’s muscular issues are different; one technique might work for one, but not so well for another.  This is why I say “there is more then one way to release a muscle.” I use various techniques such as: Working the synergistic muscles, Myofascial release, Neurovascular points, Soft Tissue Release, stretches, as well as deep tissue techniques. I curtail my work to the client’s needs and abilities. 

    I know how much massage has improved my quality of life.

    Allow me to help you.

    Angel Howard

  • Patricia (Pat)
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Pat is the “morning gal” at CWC. She is a tidewater native having been born in Norfolk, VA. She was raised in Virginia Beach and currently resides in Chesapeake. She is married to a retired Navy Lieutenant Donald Medley and they have two children Donald, Jr (DL) and Alexis as well as an adorable grandson, Cayden.

    Pat originally came to CWC as a patient after having unsuccessful back surgery. After following the recommended scheduled treatment plan she was able to tie her own shoes, which she commonly tells patients when asked about her chiropractic story.

    While having her weekly adjustment back in 2014, Dr. Mark approached her with an offer to work at CWC and the rest as they say is history.

    Pat loves greeting and working with the patients and handles many of the insurance issues as she has previously worked in the insurance industry.

  • Michele
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Michele comes to us with a professional background in Occupational Therapy with the goal to lead people to their most independent lives possible.  As an adult patient of chiropractic and modern Western medicine herself for over 27 years, she knows firsthand how spinal related pain and dysfunction affect the ability to independently live our lives while robbing ourselves of our happiness.  She enjoys seeing our patients benefit from chiropractic care and regain their ability to perform their activities of daily living.  In the treatment room, she performs accompanying therapies and works with patients in their rehabilitative exercises.  However, her favorite responsibility here at Chesapeake Wellness Center is teaching the “Stand Taller-Live Longer” posture program.  Shortly after becoming part of our care team, Dr. Mark handed her the program protocol to study and implement into our patient care.  Over the course of the previous 27 years, never before had the one Physical Therapist, over a dozen Medical Doctors, or the previous eight Chiropractors taken the time to address why and how poor posture leads to pain and disability.  On a personal level, along with regular chiropractic adjustments, this was exactly what she needed to transform herself from a life of daily and often debilitating pain.  Her enthusiasm is genuine when assisting in the team approach so that our patients may enjoy their most functional, independent, and pain-free lives possible.

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  • "Prior to Chiropractic care, I was suffering from severe pains on the back of my neck, head, shoulders, arms, legs, and lower back. I had numbness and tingling in my fingers, burning on my shins, and back. Every day I felt as if I had the flu. I would wake up each morning very fatigued because of sleep disturbances and as the day progressed, the pains would increase with stress and anxiety. Due to the chronic pain, I was always fatigued and therefore, deprived of social activities and exercise. I was prescribed pain relievers, but I only received temporary relief. When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was prescribed Zolof®, an anti-depressant which I stopped taking because of the side effects. I started Chiropractic care after attending a workshop presented by a local Chiropractor. After a couple of months of Chiropractic treatment, my health improved tremendously. I no longer suffer from chronic pains and my energy level has increased. I am now able to get a good night's sleep and wake without body aches and stiffness. I am enjoying my social life, and most importantly, without any medication and side effects. Chiropractic care did not give me temporary relief of my pains, but corrected the cause. I can certify that Chiropractic care has given me my life back!"
    Y. Richards / Chesapeake, VA

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